People come and go. None of them will stay. And today, I don't recognize my own damn face.


Our wounds are our weapons. Our wounds are our fire and our fuel. Our depth is our super-power. They are the shallow and untrue. We are the screams that they swallow. We are the tears that they suppress. we are the souls in motion. We are the ones they won't forget.


Our natural state is Love. Fear is learned...


Whenever in fear, whenever in doubt, I think of you and everything turns gold.


I always hear the voices in the back. Don't you hear them behind the noise?


All this light is an illusion. All this hope, it is a trap.


Always let go, but never give up.


I don't know where the hell I'm going, but I'm on my way.

Drops of blood
Don't smoke but breathe. Don't drink but feel. Don't cut but run. Count drops of sweat, not drops of blood. Choose love.



If all is One, then the One is all alone


Suicidality is not always what it seems. Suicide does not have to be physical. Listen closely to your voices while they scream. Because maybe they whisper in between: Kill your Self, but not your Body. Kill your Self and wake up as a different being.

Silence wears the most beautiful colors.


A spiral consciousness. A spiral being. See both, the circle and the line. Indeed we are light, and all we gotta do is shine. We are now invited to transform. What is mind to us? What is spirit, what is blood and bone? And do we ever wonder: If one goes, will go all?


Holy body. Heated heart. Black smoke for all Lovers.


Earth and depth and honesty. What an amazing day to honor heavy melancholia.


Passion cannot be filtered. The door is either open or it is closed. We cannot have control about what lies behind the gate. Jump first, scream later. Surrender.


God Is Not Enough

Give yourself to God. Let yourself fall. Do not be afraid. Surrender and trust the white divine. I will save you, for I have called you by thy name - you are mine! Oh, is this not the voice of the tempting devil? Am I not just choosing faith to numb the pain?

Remember, my dear: Those who condemn your shadow, do not deserve your light.


The schizophrenic mind is lonely. Do not isolate them. See their purpose, make them part of the big game. Let them dance and let them sing. Let them fly high.. they might as well be our kite.


Our body is our temple, even if we don't treat it as such. Our body is our connection from spirit to bone. It is the door from awareness to action. It is our hope and home. Our body holds our cross. It is our direct way to God.


Shine, oh shine! Even if it's just for the Night.

Reality Undone

I tried to dance you away, but my body said No. I tried to acid you away, but God said Never. Now into my dreams I run. Reality undone.

Life is Love

Life is about Love - all else is decor.

Love Letter To Amiel

The body wants health, the imagination cries out for beauty, and the heart for love. The soul yearns for peace, the conscience for holiness. Our whole being is athirst for happiness and for perfection. And we, tottering, mutilated and incomplete, we stretch out our arms towards life and we say to it under our breath, "why - why - has thou deceived me?" - Amiel's journal


Poor Ego always gets mobbed by everyone. You should breastfeed it to make it big and strong. Once it acts upon the mission of your Soul, you'll be happy it's not a whiny little sissy.

To End It You Must End Yourself

Depression is a tough thing. A double life. Self versus Suicide. One day creation, the other day destruction. One day preparing the cocktail, next day flushing it away.


This sweet melancholy. This tender agony. the rose and the thorn are forever in embrace.


Don't surrender yourself with people who try to keep you small. Surround yourself with people who are excited about your visions, who see solutions rather than problems, who see beauty instead of shame. Rise, and those who are afraid to grow might as well find some courage in this game.


Once my roots reached down to hell, my soul arose to heaven.

Die Erlösung Sei Mit Dir, Auf Dass Man Dich Fürchte

Me, the monster, the mistake. A new torment, may it be for light. And may life lead me to the darkest places, so I can enlighten them with fire. May my breath bring hope and end the night.

Oh, Love

Oh love! Through your light I found my own. Now shine on my way, and I will forever shine on yours.

Black Moon

Forever the moon? Forever the dream? The dream will stay, they say. Forever the Night, they utter. What if time proves us wrong? Oh, but what if not?

5 Years Together, 5 Years Apart

For the heart that fought for my life when I was not able to. For the soul that saw me shine long before I did. May the Gods watch over you. I love you.

Forever The Lover

Forever the lover, never the wife.


That what slumbers in the dark will appear in light. So, do not defer, do not delay. Your truest wish, erase it from your day.

10.000 Days

10.000 days in the fire is long enough, you`re going home. - Keenan

Dead To The Muse


In my honest hours, I am fully yours.

Do Not Tell Me I Cannot Fly


In Dreams Alive

Free From Sin



Acceptance Holds A Different Kind Of Terror

White Noise




You Don't See Me


Cheshire Cat

Third Eye